2014 Winter Scripting Games

The 2014 Winter Scripting Games, beginning in the middle of January, gives you the opportunity to test your Windows PowerShell skills and get feedback from Subject Matter Experts. New this time is the ability to form teams and collaborate on the given challenges, which in practice will simulate a real world scenario where you collaborate with your colleagues.  Each team will need to have at least 2 persons. There will be judges for scoring the events as well as coaches offering comments and advice to the teams. Personally I will be contributing to the games as a coach, which I`m really looking forward to. I will also write articles on my blog giving advice on my observations during the games. If you want to participate, be sure to read the 2014 Winter SG Players Guide.

You can find more information in the following articles over at powershell.org:


Also be sure to check the 2014 Scripting Games category every day during the games in order to stay updated on the latest announcements. Alternatively you can subscribe to the RSS feed.

Of course, you could also fetch the RSS feed using Invoke-WebRequest:

$result = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri http://powershell.org/wp/category/announcements/scripting-games/feed
$result.rss.channel.item | Format-Table title,pubdate,link -AutoSize



For those of you based in Norway I would also be very happy if you would like to join our local MTUG Script Club team for the games, you can find for information here. There will also be a practice event available starting to accept entries on January 6th.

Good luck to everyone and have fun!