PowerShell DSC presentation for the Philadelphia PowerShell User Group

On September 4th 2014 I was invited to do a presentation for the Philadelphia PowerShell User Group.

The topic for my session was “Get Started with Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration”, where I covered the following topics:

  • The background and goal of DSC
  • Configuration models
  • Configuring the Local Configuration Manager (demo)
  • Configuring a Pull Server using File Download Manager(demo)
  • Configuring a Pull Server using Web Download Manager(demo)
  • DSC Resources
  • DSC in Microsoft Azure(demo)
  • PowerShell DSC “V2” (demo featuring what is new in Windows Management Framework 5 based on the 2014 September Preview)
  • Related 3rd party products (Chef, Puppet and CFEngine)

A few hours before the meeting the Windows Management Framework 5.0 Preview September 2014 became available, so I prepared a virtual machine with the latest preview in order to give a quick tour of some of the enhancements in the upcoming version.

Resources available from the presentation:

First meeting in the Scandinavian PSUG

On Tuesday this week I was at Stockholm attending the first meeting in the Scandinavian PowerShell User Group. There was quite good interest in Sweden for the group, so this looks promising.
My plan is to gather some people here in Norway too so we can have our first meeting over here as soon as possible and get started.

If you`re Norwegian or know some Norwegians that might be interested, please spread the word and ask them to sign up on powershellug.com

Scandinavian PowerShell User Group launched

The Scandinavian PowerShell User Group launched today! Please register on the website and join the community if you live in Scandinavia.

The first meeting will be in Stockholm 16th of September, come join us if you got the opportunity.

Richard Siddaway (PowerShell MVP and founder of the UK PowerShell User Group) will be presenting a Technet PowerShell session from 9 to 12, and the user group meeting will be from 13 to 17.

Really looking forward to this!