2013 Scripting Games

The 2013 Scripting Games is starting April 25th. Unlike previous years, the event is no longer run by Microsoft. It is now managed by the community-owned corporation PowerShell.org, but it is still supported by Microsoft and the Scripting Guys.

There are also some differences in how the games is run. Previously, only the jugdes could assign scores. Now everyone can vote on submitted scripts, while the judges will review and comment on selected submissions. I highly encourage you to read the Competitor Guide (link in the resource section below), which is a PDF-file with all the information you need to know in terms of the games.

I will participating as a judge, and I am really looking forward to writing articles about some of the submissions.

Whether you are a beginner in terms of using Windows PowerShell, or an experienced scripter, the scripting games is a perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and get feedback on your work. Remember, the key point about the games is learning. Good luck to all participants!

2013 Scripting Games Resources