Videos from Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2013

On January 24th – 25th the Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC) was arranged in Oslo, Norway for the second time. The goal for the conference is creating a premier event for all IT-professionals in the Nordics, and like the first edition of NIC, the second edition was also a great success with a number of excellent speakers. Featured speakers includes Jeffrey Snover, Wally Mead and Scott Schnoll.

I did a session together with my colleague at Crayon Norway, Ingar Kopperud, called “Configuration Manager 2012 – Automation using PowerShell”. In the session we provided an overview of the new Windows PowerShell module in Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 before we looked at automation of the initial configuration of a Configuration Manager infrastructure. After that we showed how to automate deployment of distribution points, before we ended the session by showing how to automate application deployment. The session was very demo focused, thus we had only 3 slides in our presentation. The slides is available here, while the video recording is available here.

Video recordings of all the other sessions at NIC 2013 is available here (there is a “click to view video” link for each session).

PowerShell related videos