Bug in Exchange 2010 beta


As I didnt explore the GUI before making my post about the new beta of Exchange Server 2010 I didnt notice there is a bug which leads to an error message when using the Exchange Management Console. It displays a few moments after opening the EMC, as well as when trying to click on an item in the navigation tree.

The error looks like this:

Microsoft Exchange
Connecting to remote server failed with the following error message : The WinRM client received an HTTP server error status (500), but the remote service did not include any other information about the cause of the failure. It was running command ‘Discover-ExchangeServer -UseWIA $true’.

I made a post regarding this at the Exchange Server 2010 forums at Microsoft, and Erik Szewczyk gave a quick reply stating this:

“To fix the error open up the IIS Management console and disable anonymous authentication on the PowerShell virtual directory. This is a bug that should be addressed in later builds”

This worked like a charm. In addition when opening the EMC I would recommend you to click on the “Gather Organizational Information” on the right side. It will provide a really nice overview of the Organization, Servers and Recipients: