Exchange Circular Logging in SBS 2008

While studying for exam 70-653 (SBS 2008, Configuring) I got aware of the fact that Circular Logging in Exchange 2007 are enabled by default in Small Business Server 2008. When the “Configure server backup”-wizard are run,  Circular Logging are automatically disabled afterwards.

For those using a 3rd party backup software this means that Circular Logging must be manually disabled. This is a real gotcha which should be stated clearer for SBS admins in my opinion.

Like Ive configured in one scenario, backup are set up on a separate server using 3rd party backup software. Still the “Windows SBS Console” shows a warning stating that “Backup is not configured”. I contacted Microsoft support asking if it is possible to disable this warning, which it turned out to not be. I think there should be an option for choosing that the integrated Windows Server backup (which cant backup to tape drives like NTBackup did) will not be used in the “Configure server backup”-wizard, in addition to giving the option whether to disable Circular Logging.

Hopefully this will be implemented in a future SBS Service Pack :)