PowerGUI is a graphical user interface and script editor for Windows PowerShell.


You can create your own nodes and script nodes for all kinds of things, but there are also a lot of so called power packs ready for download from the Library on powergui.org for things such as Exchange, OCS, SQL and so on.


When you click on a node, i.e. Processes, you get a list of the running processes on the system, but you can also go to the “PowerShell Code” tab to see the executed PowerShell commands. Great way to learn PowerShell using a GUI!


Also, there is a very good script editor with several features such as intellisense.

For starters, I would recommend having a look at Jeffrey Snover (the PowerShell architect) and Dmitry Sotnikovs video on Channel9. This is a nice introduction to PowerGUI. Also check out the other great resources on powergui.org

Btw, Ive written the Norwegian translation for PowerGUI which is included in the latest build.

Introduction to PowerShell

If your new to PowerShell, I would like to recommend the online tutorials at powershellpro.com as well as the Windows PowerShell Owners Manual.

You should also check out the Script Center if youre interested in scripting.

There are also a lot of good blogs out there about Windows PowerShell, so I`ll update the blogroll on the right side. Meanwhile, you may start have a look at the PowerShell Team Blog.

Welcome to my blog!

This is the first blog entry on my blog, which will focus mainly on Windows PowerShell and other admin-related topics.

A short introduction about myself:
I work as an IT-consultant in an IT-company in Norway.
Im holding MCSA 2000/2003, along with different certifications such as MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator (Exchange 2007).

Ill try to write new posts  when I try new things or discover something else worth blogging about.